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Benghazi-gate becomes a snare for Obama reelection – cover-up uncovered

BENGHAZI-GATE has become a house of cards crashing down on the Obama regime as their lies about what happened in Libya are coming to the surface and how the president himself was involved in a cover-up.  For approximately 2 weeks, the president and his staff have lied to the American people regarding what is happened in Benghazi, Libya.  It resulted in the death of four Americans.  One of those being the ambassador to Libya, and yet the president treated it as a BUMP IN THE ROAD.  He did not give honor to the people who died in service to their country nor treat it as a tragedy that it was.

The administration continually blamed the advance that happened because of a movie.  Now they deny that they ever said that!  HOW STUPID CAN THEY BE!  It has been recorded on videos that need Niles made by the administration and the blaming of the movie.  And now they tried to live their way out of this?  This is the height of stupidity!  Obama is trying to do all the citizens of America to sleep regarding terrorism, Al Qaeda, Libya, and foreign-policy.  There is definitely a conspiracy within the Obama administration to cover up their failures.  Urgent requests had been sent to the State Department requesting more support to protect them, which went ignored.  In fact the security detail was LESSENED.

The reason apparently, is that Obama didn’t want it to affect his political campaign.  To protect his campaign he lied to the people of America.  His foreign-policy has come crashing down.  During the DNC.  He said that Al Qaeda had been trash – now we find out that they are coming out of hiding and they are growing and becoming stronger, as is the Taliban.

Many, have wisely decided to change their vote from Obama to Romney because of the failures of this president, especially in light of his foreign-policy failures throughout the world and the Middle East.

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