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CISPA Passes the House

Let’s see what the White House does now.  They threatened to veto the bill.  It has passed the house.  Now, we wait for the Senate to vote and then we see what Obama  does.

CISPA Passes the House.

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White House threatens veto of cyber-intelligence-sharing bill | Daily Caller

“Following public outcry over a House cyber-intelligence bill’s implications for civil liberties, the White House issued a veto threat Wednesday in anticipation that the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) might end up on President Obama’s desk.” – The Daily Caller

“CISPA seeks to authorize private companies and the Director of National Intelligence to share information about online threat intelligence. The House is scheduled to vote on the controversial bill Friday following a Thursday floor debate.” – The Daily Caller

Why would he do that? It is totally against the security of the nation. It makes absolutely no sense. All the various intelligence agencies should be able to share information, which would be the most protective for our nation. That is, unless Obama wants to leave our nation more unprotected.

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President Obama is expressing serious Petro-phobia.  He and his director for EPA have expressed the desire to see gas prices rise above five dollars.  The reason for doing that.  He says is that people will stop driving is much that they would get smaller cars and that we will become less dependent on fossil fuels.  This is not a man who has the interests of the American public at heart.

The President and his administration are seeking to stop the Keystone pipeline, which is against the national interests as far as expanding our oil production and access to fossil fuels at reasonable prices.

When he initially vetoed the Keystone pipeline.  He blamed Republicans.  The Senate and the House, were trying to bypass President Obama’s veto by getting enough people to override that veto.    Why did he lobby Senate Democrats to get them to stop the bill?

This demonstrates IT IS President Obama’s goal to stop the Keystone pipeline.  This has brought out into the open his overt efforts to stop the pipeline that would produce less dependence on Middle Eastern oil and would provide jobs for thousands of workers – it is estimated 20,000 new jobs for Americans! Why?  He says we need to promote other alternative fuels.

Our nation is in no way ready to just stop the use of fossil fuels. There is no way that we can even compete on an international market for solar energy or wind energy.  The technology is not there to provide enough alternate energy and his plan drastically curtails the economy, jobs and forces us to energy dependence on fossil fuels from other nations.  This is not in the best interests of our citizens nor our economy at a time that this should be a major focus.

Recently he has told Brazil to drill offshore wells in the Gulf of Mexico and that the United States would be their best customer.  Then why does he limit American companies from drilling offshore, where, at least, we would have control over the safety requirements and it would produce an income for the government, via taxes?  This is not a President who is looking out for the interests of the citizens of the United States.


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